searching for daddy


…the usual morning ritual of pattering feet to Mom and Dad’s bedroom – followed by darting under the covers – followed by more pattering of feet – followed by ‘you lift me up’ [into our bed] – followed by Mom and Dad dodging kicks, elbows, and morning breath……. after a little of all this…. Lesley and Roman headed to the basement to get clean clothes from the laundry room. Levi and I hung out for a bit – then got out of bed. I went directly to the basement and Levi took his time. He went and picked out a book he wanted to look at, then poked around a little bit – I didn’t tell him that I was going to the basement, in fact – we didn’t say anything about any of us going to the basement, we all (except Levi) ended up there.

As I was heading down stairs I thought maybe I should go back up stairs and get him – or at the least tell him where we would be… I decided not to in the effort to build some independence – so I continued my trek to the basement. After a few minutes I thought about him again: I wonder if he is scared (most of the lights still off), I wonder if he is hurt, I wonder if he is eating all that Valentines Day candy….. all of a sudden I hear his excitement when he finally finds me.

It was a great reminder for me of the importance of searching and seeking out Abba God.  It wasn’t like I was unfindable for my 2-year-old….. Abba God keeps himself ‘findable’ in his Grace, and through Jesus and his Holy Spirit. Often we need to make the effort to do just a LITTLE searching and he’ll reveal himself!


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