a nice glass of chunky milk


There are certain things in life that taste good. Then, there are certain things that aren’t [good].

Sour milk is one of my favorite drinks – in fact I buy an extra gallon of milk on each Grocery run and put it in the cupboard when I get home. Then after a couple of days, I pour it over my cereal in the morning. Oh, I like nice cold milk too, but every once it a while I like to break out the curdled stuff and chug a glass.

We do this spiritually don’t we…? It sounds so much more appalling when we hear it in the context of something like this… just some food (ha!) for thought.


2 thoughts on “a nice glass of chunky milk

  1. I read this once and thought you were completely serious and thought, “What kind of taste buds does this guy have anyway??” Then I read it again. :-)

    You’re right. It is great food for thought.

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