To the parents of the world: rock stars aren’t all that bad


Do you think Rock Stars’ passion could be a good example to moms and dads everywhere? Or how about you and I, the run-of-the-mill human, observing facets of the Rock Star that could focused us to be an exemplary follower of Jesus in every area of our lives….

 I follow and read quite a few blogs (to a fault at times) – My new favorite blogger is David Santistevan. Recently he posted “What Worship Leaders Can Learn From Rockstars” he has some very good perspective for “Worship Leaders” – I appreciated his insight and writing a ton. 

As I was thinking on some of his points it dawned on me how much they also fit in the context of being a husband / wife – mom/dad too.

Take a read and let the points soak in… apply them to each area of your life… read past the titles of “Worship Leader” (parents), and “Fans” (kids), “Lead Worship” (daily life)”.


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