Great Songs and Lyrics – Vol 1

Many of us love music.  I believe we all listen to music and ‘pass over’ the lyrics too often… I’ve recently been burdened with sharing some of the lyrics that have struck me as ‘profound’ during my listening through out the week.  Well, I have been finding more and more that are in that category. So, with that, I’m starting a new series “Great Songs and Lyrics” – instead of the “WeeklyLyrics” posts (who cares about what I call it, right?). If you find a song or album that is (in your opinion) GREAT (motivational, inspiring, uplifting or worshipful) leave the song/lyric/artist – here in the comments!


let the wind and the waves bring a new courage and a faith

Artist:  Jeremy Riddle – Site | Twitter : @jeremyriddle

Song: The Lord is My Shepherd

Album: The Lord is My Shepherd


he gave me new eyes and a new way to see.

Artist: Charlie Hall – Site | Twitter : @charliehallband

Song: Hookers and Robbers

Album: The Bright Sadness


I’ve been running trying to find my refuge

Never stopping long enough to see

All the while you were right there waiting

To hide me in the shadow of your wings

Artist:  Jason Upton – Site | Twitter : @jason_upton

Song: Mountain of the Living God

Album: On the Rim of the Invisible World


Light up my life with a love so bright, I deny anything with a lesser glow than knowing you

Unlock my soul in a way I’ve never known, come into your garden and find your home in me

Artist: Luke Wood – Site | Twitter : @lukewoodihop

Song: Light Up My Life (Rain or Shine)

Album: The Law & the Prophets

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