Racquetball, and all the work

My 2-year-old (Levi) and I had an “adventure” last night. We went to the Rec Center at WSC to play Racquetball. It was awesome. He swung that racket like his little life depended on it. Obviously I didn’t take him to teach him the rules, nor would anyone have said he would win any tournaments in the near future… at least for another 6 months ;)

Point of note: Learning racquetball – teaching racquetball – “Doing it right” wasn’t the reason for the trip to the court. It was to spend time with him, to MAKE time for him – THAT was my motivation… and man, was it sweet.

With Levi I can pick him up, put him in the car seat, strap him in, carry him to the Rec Center, get him out, carry him in, pay the entrance fee, ask for our rackets, walk him to the court, and then show him how to hit the ball.  He loved it.

Now, If I would have said to Levi: “Hey Levi, I’m going to go up to the rec center. (5 blocks away) I’ll meet you there in 30 minutes”. Then left him to find his own way, pay his own entrance fee, and find me in the right court….well… you get what I’m getting at.  Here’s my point: I [the father] did most of the work to have that intimate time with my son. I loved doing the work because I knew how great the time would be.

God does this for me all the time.  He pursues me (every day) and sent Jesus for me (and you) so that I can meet with God at any point of in day.

1 John 4:19 (ESV)

We love because he first loved us.

What things are keeping you from letting him interact with you today? What MIGHT be somethings that are keeping you from interacting with him today? Are those things that “MIGHT” be hindering you worth what you are missing with your God – Father – Abba? Ouch, That hurt as I typed.

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