Oaks Worship | Lift Up the Light (Live)

It is always intriguing to hear live [new] versions of old songs – while that holds true on Oaks Worship‘s new album “Lift Up the Light” (on iTunes today!)… there are some absolutely amazing new songs that I believe have poured from the heart of God to this album, to my ears and to The Church; who will undoubtedly be worshiping with these songs.  I’m excited, as a worship leader, to sing these songs to the Throne Room.

The most gripping aspect of  “Lift Up the Light” are the MANY references to the character of  God and truths that are pulled directly from scripture.  Yes, most of the great worship songs and albums do this – but there is something so raw and fresh here that is truly amazing.  It is great to hear music that has been written and preformed for the ‘Audience of One’ – no exception here.  Truly a fresh list of songs to add to the ‘To Do’ repertoire….  for personal worship, but corporate worship too.

Here is a snap shot of my notes as I listened to the album :

The album opens “Big” –  nodding my head on the first song.

Great live choir sound that gives depth and heart to the songs / album.

Love the simplicity of the song Forever.

Take Me In – Add this to Worship-TO DO (iTunes list).

Great balance of Character [of God] & Truth of Jesus & a Worshiper’s Heart [and need] in lyrics.


I’m pretty sure you won’t regret adding this one to your cart and clicking ‘download’ … Album: Oaks Worship on iTunes


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