Superimposed with God

As I was filling up our van with gas tonight, I stood looking into the van at my family and noticed my reflection in the window.  I saw myself looking at my boys with their image superimposed in my reflection – and I was struck at that moment how real and profound it is that we are made in the image of God.   I know God sees me as “made in his image” all the time. What strikes me now as I think about this… is my boys couldn’t see what I saw, they couldn’t see how they fit in my reflection (image) on the window. They can observe (maybe not articulate 100%) that they have the same features that I do… maybe the same faults / gifts / mannerisms…. but they couldn’t the image that I saw from my side of the window.

What aspects of  “being made in the image of God” are hard for you to believe / grasp?


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