AHHHHHHHHHHH       GRRRRRR    VrrrRRRRoooooooOOOOOM FFFFFFRRRRRR   *Enter Jet  Sounds*    Tphtphtphtphtphtpht……… CRASH!

My wife and I have boys. We have wood floors. It is loud in our house.

Psalm 98:4 (ESV)  4(A) Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; ….

I didn’t realize how amazing the scriptures are that reference a “joyful noise” were until the other evening.  God hit me with a huge lesson. Supper was over and the boys were playing around. At first, it wasn’t to bad… some jet sounds, running, dinosaur growls and then came the wrestling, [happy] screaming followed by laughter. I’ll be honest…. I was frustrated. What I wanted was to talk to my wife about the day.

I’ll try to draw the line between my thoughts, experience and lesson:

My sons were excited that Mom and Dad were both home, that we were going to be home that night, that it was nice outside…. there was just so much to be happy / joyful for – they didn’t know how to communicate that other than expressing it through noise and physical exuberance.

All this made me stop and ponder how much we should, as worshipers and children of God, express our joy with the Joyful Noise – just as scripture tells us to… God doesn’t care, hasn’t cared and won’t care about how things sound or look if we are expressing our Joy through __________ .

How have you expressed joy (non-musical) in the last week?


3 thoughts on “Noise

  1. Most commonly my joy is expressed through exuberant speech. Since I started Hardcore Christian Men, I have shared both electronically and with people I meet (at the store, the park, new neighbors, church, anywhere else I can find an excuse…) the site and how God is working through it. I love sharing how God is making Himself known in my life and inviting others to take part. It can be an amazingly noisy experience!

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