Juggling Balloons – Part 1


We have a new favorite evening activity in our house.  Juggling Balloons. We turn on the “Boys – CRANK IT” play list and see who can keep a balloon from touching the floor the longest. The kiddo’s do a pretty good job keeping one balloon up in the air but when I throw in the second balloon and tell them to keep both of them up…. well…. the balloons hit the floor pretty quick.

*side note – this is a perfect ‘rainy day’ activity to burn off the never-ending supply of  ‘kid-energy’.

I can intervene and help them out. When I do, we do a fantastic job (together) keeping those balloons off the floor.

Sound familiar? How many balloons are you trying to keep off the floor of your life?

Right now here are some of my balloons:

  1. Time with my Wife
  2. Time with kids
  3. waiting for #3 boy to arrive
  4. helping as much as I can around the house
  5. breathe deep…….
  6. work – day job
  7. ministry : file music from last sunday, schedules for the next 5 weeks, email ________ , lunch with _________, meeting tomorrow with _________ (maybe)
  8. planning for the future – on all the fronts above
  9. house improvements: Finish the bathroom, fix the kitchen drain, clean / seal the deck, get the lawn mower running, stop by the bank, fix the computer at home,  paint the bedroom, wash the windows, change the oil in the car, buy new tires,
  10. Hobbies.

This list is not all-inclusive and by no means am I complain that I have too much to do. I simply want to paint the picture that there are a lot of balloons that we all try to juggle and I KNOW I’m  not the only one that tries to “juggle balloons” by myself.

SO! What balloons do you need to ask God to help you keep off the floor, are there any balloons that God might just pop eventually to get your focus off them?

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