Quitr vol 7


When there is a commitment – you need to focus on that, not everything else that is “good”.

God surrounds time… Think about it. He doesn’t move WITH time.

On the phone with Lesley: ” Levi, you can’t drive down the stairs”

It feels amazing to hold a 15 hour old baby.

I will be a dad x3 soon. 

Jesus saves. Yes, Simple as that.

Hardest conversation ever.

Blog: The significance of a “like”

The lord he thunders from the heaven – his voice could stop this world.  (Waterdeep)

Falling asleep listening to “Lift up the Light” ( @oaksworship ) / great work guys. 

More was accomplished in the work of The Cross than what we could ever accomplish in the best organized effort of all people, without it.

Today, I  touched a 15sec old baby’s head.

Which is of more influence : words or actions? Why?

Cows dont poop on windows. –Levi (age:2) 4/22


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