things that pale in comparison

There are seasons in life when we can clearly see things that ‘pale in comparison’ … some of those seasons may be a death of someone close, the birth of a new child, a close call on the freeway, sickness, or God just moving in your life…… I believe God uses all those situations (and others) to help us/me focus on what is really important and to get to a point where we/I turn and worship Him more frequently and with less of the ‘back and forth’ in our lives.

  • Seeing how God provides pales in comparison to worrying about how things are going to play out.
  • Hearing your kids say “I had fun playing with you today” pales in comparison to spending the extra 1 or 2 hours at the office.
  • Contributing to my family’s understanding of Jesus pales in comparison to the best ‘share’, best blog, best status update, best tweet….. etc…
  • Laying it down my liberties pale in comparison to holding to them.
  • Taking a walk with your best friend pales in comparison to texting them all day.

Do you have any other contrasting comparisons that you might add?  What does that comparison say about how you spend, or don’t, spend your time? For me? It is brutally revealing…. it shows me how childish I am, how selfish I am, how self-absorbed I can be / am.

How we/I respond to those ‘mini-revelations’ is a pretty good measure of how we “worship through the week”.

So, go for it. What comparisons can you think of?  ——–> List it

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