trace your trail today

For some, it’s the office. For others, the mirror. When you follow the trail of your time, energy, affection, and money you find a throne. And whatever or whomever is on that throne is the object of your worship!Here is where I change my focus.

~Louie Giglio

Trace your steps today / this week, or survey your surroundings right now…. What is on your desk, computer, TV, phone, mind, heart, iTunes….. what has captured your worship instead of Jesus?

If you’re like me… this will be your response: “Ouch.”


4 thoughts on “trace your trail today

  1. Wow Jason. This hits on something I was thinking about this morning… I can remember the time and place and exact painful question I was asking myself. Ouch indeed.

    • I think we all, at some point or another, realize our time is being consumed by something it shouldn’t be. Finding the will and courage to step away from what ever that is can be hard, but totally worth it – as you probably know!

      Thanks for stopping by, Mandy – Your blog Rocks!

  2. I love this idea. We did something similar to this at my church a few months back. Basically took a “life inventory”. It’s crazy to see what takes up our time, space, resources, etc…

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