contagious offerings


I witnessed something over my lunch break recently – my two boys were, well… being boys (side note: did you know that you can interchange the word “boy” for “refining ball of blur” (I love my boys – no sarcasm in that statement)).  As I watched my boys being boys… with all the energy and loudness that they carried with them from room to room… my wife and I (transparent moment here) were frustrated.  I did something in that moment that in hind-sight was not the wisest decision, I gave them both a rope of licorice / sugar. They were thrilled [insert more noise here].  My objective was successful… they quieted down while they enjoyed their father’s gift and my wife and I finished our conversation. A few moments later, my oldest son (5 yrs) walked up to Mom and broke off a piece of his licorice and gave her a small chunk… [20 seconds pass]… middle son (2.5 yrs) walks up to Mom and with extreme effort, tears off a piece of his licorice and hands her a larger chuck. The “licorice events”, if you will,  were all unsolicited from each party involved.

My lesson:Is my offering to God contagious enough for others [my brothers and sisters] to be stirred to do what it takes to do the same (give a costly offering). I’m not at all advocating an attitude of ‘giving so that others see you’ as Jesus frowns uponI’m simply drawing attention to the fact when we / I give with the right attitude it will stir others to do the same (or maybe more).

4 thoughts on “contagious offerings

  1. That’s a great insight and question: Am I living my life in such a way that it makes people want to live better, be better? Positive peer pressure, if you will. Another insight/question from the story: Does my receiving such generosity from my Father make me want to give, just like your boys gave because of your generosity.

    • Absolutely, and when it doesn’t (Does my receiving such generosity from my Father make me want to give) …. what is the root of THAT..? Thanks for stopping through, Preachertsew :)

  2. Oy, but that is a loaded question. However, it is one that is worth serious contemplation – especially in light of raising children. Thank you for the opportunity to think upon it.

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