wait. what just happened?


“It’s going to be a great day. I’m going to be productive, attentive to others’ problems, a student of life and of Jesus….”


That “wham” could be any of the following:

  • one of your children hitting the other
  • a spouse’s snippy remark
  • someone pulls in front of you at a 4 way-stop, freeway, or parking spot
  • the first email / phone call you ‘field’ at the office
  • you drop your phone
  • doubt
  • more work-load from management
  • the weather is miserable

How do we normally react? And how do we interact with someone who has had one or a few of these things happen to them?

In Business and Real Estate there is a saying: “Location, Location, Location” – it is important to have the best location to be the most effective, influencial, and profitable.

In Relationship, might I suggest we have:  “Perspective, Perspective, Perspective“?

I’m currently reading the Gospel of Mark. Jesus sure had the perspective thing down.




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