pulling someone off the top bunk

My 2 year old son pulled his 5 year old brother off the top bunk last night. I didn’t see it, but I heard it.

Roman (5 yo) sleeps on the top and Levi (3 yo) sleeps on the bottom. I was a little frustrated with them last night… we’re going through a long stage of delaying bed time… drinks, pee, hugs, more hugs, too hot, straighten the covers – if you’re a parent you know the drill. Well, last night they were playing tug-of-war with Roman’s blanket. As my wise wife reminds me: “they are bonding as brothers”… So I left them to it – the “bonding”…. Not shortly after I walked away, I hear a WHAM! I rushed upstairs to find Roman on the floor crying. Levi apparently pulled on Roman’s arm (so the story goes) hard enough to pull him off the top bunk. BOTH of them were crying when I arrived on the scene – Roman from pain (he’s fine), and Levi because felt bad.

There’s a heap of lessons I’m learning from the events of last night – but here is one:

Pain (consequences) and boundaries are made to protect us…

Hebrews 12:4-6 “…because the Lord disciplines the one he loves,” 

I don’t think Roman will hang his arm over the top bunk anymore, and I don’t think Levi (because he is compassionate) will pull his brother off the top bunk again. They learned of pain and boundaries last night.

  • Have you experienced any boundaries or pain recently?
  • Was someone else involved?
  • How do you respond?
  • Did you forgive or resent?
  • Did your heart worship or harden?

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