Refreshers of Worship

Yesterday’s post: Robbers of Worship – today’s post, the opposite…   “Refreshers of Worship”
What stirs a heart of worship…?
  • read my bible – until I’m done reading my bible
  • sit and watch a lake / ocean with my wife
  • sing and play my guitar with no one around
  • throw rocks with my boys
  • take a walk (slowly) alone
  • giving someone time
  • giving someone money
  • call a friend and talk until we’re caught up
  • drink coffee while pondering God with good company
  • write music
Don’t miss this: There is a mystery in Worship that none of us will ever comprehend. We may Worship through God providing the manner and means (John 15:5)… but we may also take the initiative to do something – for someone (Rom 12:1-2) – or that we simply enjoy.
… anyone else have a list like this?
What would you like to do (or have done) that has refreshed your worship today?
Share in comments below…. even uses “anonymous” as your name if you like!

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