hysterically hyperventilating

Last night I was outside with Roman (5 yo) & Levi ( 3 yo this month) – it was a hard day for my wife & the evening didn’t pan out much better for all of us, you ever have those days / evenings? “There’d be days like this my mamma said…”

Roman was playing with some sort of little coin that had an image of batman on it… I have no idea where this coin came from but it was obviously special to him… picture in your mind Sméagol hunched over his “little precious”. Perfect.

In the mean time Levi falls backward in his chair while sitting next to our evening fire pit and hits his head – if you know Levi, I know you’re not surprised.  At that exact moment Roman drops his “little precious” between the cracks of our back deck and loses it into oblivion. Imagine the pain. Do you sense how important this plastic batman coin is to me?

As I was comforting Levi from his head trauma (it wasn’t that bad) and Roman (hysterically hyperventilating at this point) I looked at Roman and said. “I will get your coin for you, you simply have to be patient. Trust me.”

Long story short, I was able to get the batman coin for Roman and it was a great reminder and teachable moment of waiting on the Lord.

Is God telling you: “Be patient, Trust Me” while you are hysterically hyperventilating over something in your life?

He has to tell me this every day…

Psalm 46:10


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