a two-boat faith


I recently heard a sermon which caused me to re-ponder some of Luke; specifically when Jesus calls Peter to become a disciple (Luke 5:1-11).  Jesus tells Peter to let down his nets after a long, hard night of fishing. He does and as a result has to ask others near by (who have a boat) to come and help pull in what they caught. Peter needed two boats to pull in what Jesus provided. So many lessons here, but here is what is “haunting” me:

Do I have a “two-boat” faith & obedience?

I struggle with this. Do you?




7 thoughts on “a two-boat faith

  1. I really like that question. It sparks deep thought into one’s self and how your faith looks like.

    It also reminds me of the parable of the field. Do we prepare the field for the harvest, even though it hasen’t rained?…

  2. For me it depends on the fishing season! I struggle in the flesh. The senses we use as gifts from God sometimes mislead us. We forget that we are soul is trapped in this soul cage. We forget that the cosmos is controlled in all dimensions by the One who created it and sustains it.

    I think the only way to have a two boat faith is to seek Him. The really hard part is, it usually takes tough times to find out for sure if we have a two boat faith or not.

    Great thought. I followed you over from Seth’s site. It was worth the trip. Thanks

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