QUITR vol 10

From time to time I ‘publish’ my Q.U.I.T.R list (Questions, Ideas, Thoughts, & Reflections).

These are things that I’ve jotted down in the moment – I am finding it good to keep this “QUITR list” to pursue, pray, and bounce these ideas around with my wife, friends, and others in ministry – things that race through my mind when I don’t have time to delve into them with full focus…

Do you have any “QUITR” topics or entries to add?


Funny Twitter post: (@jesus : microwaving peeps.)

Be positive.

Make a habit of having no habits.

I am selfish. A lot.

It is hard to find time without interruption … Find it anyway
(working on this)

How many ways do we really need to connect with people online?

Praying people are not critical people.

God’s attributes should not be individually focused on – but then
again they cannot be exhausted either….

Favorite Blog Comment to date: “We call that a Jesus spanking at our house.” — by Caleb Simpson

A spec of light can swallow darkness whole. @sleepingatlast

What I have is infinitely more than what I deserve.

2 Cor 8:12 …God wants you to give what you have not what you don’t have.

What do you have that you did not receive? (1 Cor 4:7)


6 thoughts on “QUITR vol 10

  1. Take time for me and my family.
    …work on that much needed bedtime ritual.
    …spend more time reading with my babies.
    …don’t skip brushing, just because it’s gotten to be “too late”…start earlier tomorrow to set a better example.
    …be the “me” I want others to see (specifically the kids).
    …stop the excuses/reasons/explanations and just get “it” done.
    …love thy self so my babies can see how to love themselves too!

  2. Recent reflections..
    God has never let me down.. not once
    I am still learning to trust, and painfully slowly at that.
    My life is just beginning
    I am right where I am supposed to be
    Keep moving forward
    Real friends will not poo poo your vision.
    Do more for others, especially my spouse.

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