call me anytime

photo credit: binnya via creative commons

Life change is hard.

It’s hard for adults, but it is REALLY hard for kids. Then in turn, it is hard for parents….

Some day my son my read this and I hope when / if he does he’ll understand God a little better – as I did when I saw this play out…

We’re going through a life change – we’re selling our house and moving to another state to join some really great people in ministry. In all this change we’ve been learning how to pastor our children’s hearts through some difficult things – but God has been good in giving wisdom and we have a lot of people praying for us and providing good council!

That said, this morning our oldest son didn’t want to go to pre-school, in fact it has been hard to encourage him to go at all lately.. due to all the changes and lack of structure.  My wife, in all her wisdom, this morning gave him her cell phone number and said: “You can call me at any time and I will come pick you up if you want to come home.” Do you see the parallel? We have God’s number and when we ‘dial’ heaven he hears the call and comes to us…

My prayer? That I would 1) dial heaven more readily and 2) that I would CONTINUE to have this perspective and teach my kids that they would ‘dial’ me for anything.


4 thoughts on “call me anytime

  1. It’s awesome to know HE is there at the most single Thought or Whisper…

    May God give you guys the peace beyond compare to settle down…

    God Bless you and your family Jason!

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