all things new

photo credit: Christmas Stock Images

“…I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5

We all like new things. Right?

We like new:

  • cars
  • phones (sometimes)
  • restaurants (good ones)
  • houses
  • babies (as opposed to old babies)
  • blogs, tweets, comments, texts………
  • starts

My focus can easily drift to wanting the new things on the list above instead of focusing on what I have NEW every morning when I surrender to what Jesus has for me.

Jesus gives new:

  • grace
  • understanding
  • health
  • hope
  • life
  • provision
  • comfort
  • much, much more….

I’ll take the second list when it’s laid out like that… Yes?

What is new, or will be new in your life… go ahead comment here!



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