3 year olds and highways

We don’t always see what God is doing.

We don’t always understand what is happening around us.

That was the case recently…

We were on a “walk” one evening and if you have kids, have ever watched kids, or been around kids in ANY form, you know that they don’t always go in the direction you desire, nor do they go the speed at which you desire… and THAT was the case this particular evening.

We started the walk and about a 1/2 block into the adventure my three-year old son wanted to be held. “oh that’s so precious” – There. You got it out of your system. It is precious. I don’t want to minimize how great it is that your child wants to be held…. but it (the holding thing) can be annoying when the objective is to wear them out so that they sleep at night! I’m joking, kinda.

Our objective was met, we reached the library, played with the trains, checked out books, and were returning home… again 3-year-old wants to be carried… *OH WAIT* there’s a huge puddle that needs to be emptied by a ‘jump in it’ moment……. there, now “I want you to carry me daddy”…

I didn’t carry the sopping wet child but I did hold his hand for a block. What came next was such a good lesson. We waited for the traffic to pass on the highway and we started to cross suddenly there was an aggressive driver that didn’t see the Dad and Son crossing, I never want to assume that they’ll stop…. so I swiftly picked him up and ran across the rest of the street… my 3-year-old didn’t notice the reason for the ‘swooping’ that daddy just did and instantly said “Do it again, daddy!”

I didn’t care at the point of the ‘swooping’ that he was soaked from the puddle jumping, or that he was complaining to be held just moments earlier, it was out of his safety and my role as “Daddy” that I did what needed to be done to keep him safe.  His elation and enjoyment of being swooped into Daddy’s arms was awesome for me as his dad…  Jesus picks us up, doesn’t he….? Holds us when we are messy, messed up, sopping wet with _________ (sin, sorrow, pain, doubt, worry, etc….  we get him soaked wet with “dirty puddle water” often. Very often.

Matthew 11:28-30


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