if dragons dwell there

A couple of weeks back my pastor did a sermon on “Fear” – in one of his points he explained how in early years  cartographers would indicate unknown territory with the phrase “Here be dragons” or something to that effect. I thought it funny (still do) but the this portion of his sermon has struck me in a new way…

Our family has passed the explored territory of our “map”.  What territory that has been comfortable, familiar, etc… for my wife and I, and even our 3 kids has been enlarged.  It has been such a blessing to see God’s hand move in a way that ONLY he could have made happen. Everything from the timing of our house selling, to the timing of emotional support and encouragement has been amazing to see…. so many have been involved in our transition – everything from prayer to meals to kid-sitting to loading / unloading the truck….. so much more. I’m extremely grateful for it all. Thank you.

My lesson after this long hiatus of blogging and settling into a new season in life is this:

If dragons dwell there, I will go.  I will face my dragons.

2 Timothy 1:7 — For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.


What dragons have you faced, or are you facing now?


2 thoughts on “if dragons dwell there

  1. Jason, what a great article. It paints such an accurate picture of how we view uncharted territory. This was a very timely article for me as I believe the door is closing for me in my current position, but nothing has opened up firmly as of yet. Nevertheless, I know that God wants me to face that “dragon.”

    Thanks for the encouraging post!

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