big steps, tight grip

Do you remember when you started to walk? I do. I’m kidding.

That would be a weird memory though… as I think back on the events of this evening my 9 month old loves to crawl to a familiar adult and crawl up their leg… what he wants you to do then, is to give him your fingers to hold – then lead him around the house while he chases his bigger brothers.

Tonight was no different. Until he tried to follow them down the steps to the basement. Can you imagine for a moment… not knowing how to use your feet well enough to walk, let alone try to jump 2, 3, sometimes 4 steps at a time. Josiah (9 months) froze.

He held on tight to my fingers (and I held on tight too) knowing that it was something that he needed my help with. I could feel his grip tighten, I saw the hesitation in his steps he tried to go down the steps then stepped backward…. then forward… then I finally picked him up carried him down the steps and found some toys for him to enjoy and fellowship with his brothers again :)

Great example of “Daddy” God standing over us offering his fingers to grip tight while facing something that we are unsure of…. whether that be a conversation at work we need to have, mercy to extend to a family member, or a ministry that we are forging. Grip His fingers tight – Jesus is standing next to you and has shown you how to hold on to Daddy.


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