drinking ketchup with a straw

You know… life is filled with things that we think are good ideas at “first thought” – drinking ketchup with a straw would (in my opinion) fall into this category.

I was sitting next to my favorite middle child recently and was eating a cheeseburger, when I glanced in his direction and saw a steady stream of ketchup making its way up his straw toward his mouth.

*pause here*

  • What is going through his mind..?
  • Did he see this before?
  • Maybe my favorite oldest child had done it, and I didn’t see that … and so he thought he’d try it too
  • Did he think: “I think this will be good”.
  • Maybe he even thought, “I know this isn’t what I should be doing, but I’ll do it anyway”

OK, *UN-pause*

“Son, no!” (*as I reach over and pinch the straw between the flowing ketchup and his lips.)

Now. I know that some could give me the health risks of allowing a child to drink ketchup from a straw. Others, on the other hand, would say “let him do it and learn”. Well… I think it is not only socially unacceptable, but it was gross. So I stopped the experiment.

How many “experiments” do you think God has prevented in your life? We as humans test the limits of God’s boundaries… Adam and Eve did. We do. Are you pushing the limits now? Why not just put the straw down, step away from the ketchup and ask your heavenly Daddy what he is thinking and if you should be doing what you’re doing.




2 thoughts on “drinking ketchup with a straw

  1. ugh – ketchup through a straw. I think I just gagged a little!

    I know there have been experiments that God has prevented in my life – stepping in at the last minute and redirecting me. It’s not always easy at first, especially when I thought that was what He wanted or that is was the course of my life, but in the long run, I see how it turned out better listening to Him.

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