Parenthood is a funny thing – it seems that most of my life lessons come from me slowing down long enough to just listen to God speak to me through what they say, do, don’t say, don’t do, etc.

A few days ago I came home from a meeting and I noticed that there had been some pretty intense sidewalk chalk art being had earlier in the afternoon – the first to greet me at the door was my 1-year-old (Josiah) – he gave me a good strong “leg hug”. Then carried on his way… Then I heard my 3-year-old (Levi) barreling down the steps and the first word that came out of his mouth was “and” – like I was there the whole time, and he knew what he was talking about just a few moments earlier… like my conversation with him when I left the house earlier that morning was still going on… his comment was “and look at this Dad, it’s a ….” [something I couldn’t understand]. Never-the-less… I shared extreme excitement about what ever it was, with him :)

How often do we view conversations and prayers like that? I’m not with this next statement saying that we need to meet a “prayer quota”, but are we praying to the extent that we can just say “and” rather than “Dear God…”  Yes, there is structure to prayer, there is order, there were examples of prayers by Jesus that are good to follow.  But what if we went from conversation to conversation with God with “and”…. or “how” or “do” or anything but “Dear God”  it was a profound moment for me – God showed me a bit more of how he interacts and desires to be intimate with us.



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