lurking in the woods

Have you ever stop to think of all that is “lurking in the woods”? The sharp teeth… the poisonous plants… quicksand… maybe even an ogre…

You don’t see those things until they have either already happened or have “taken you down”. Right?

I was walking through a wooded area along a creek yesterday and as I was helping my son push my youngest son in the stroller I looked over and saw a patch of Nettles. As we walked by my mind raced to what would happen if one of my boys ran toward, or fell into the patch (as I did many times as a child *shudder*). I would probably dive to prevent them from the immanent pain / itch that would follow. They have no knowledge of what that plant will feel like… nor do they have any experience of something similar. Even if they ran through the woods they wouldn’t have an idea WHAT it was, they would just know the result of discomfort.

As a child of God he protects you from all that is “lurking in the woods” – and when you call out to him, if you have been ensnared by something in the “woods”, he will rescue and sustain you.  His perspective and protection that is far greater, better, perfect than what you can even imagine.

Read Psalm 31




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