i love you Big.

… a fresh way of saying something, a new term for the latest fad, latest social media trend, methodology for ministry, doctrinal terminology, etc… Whether you are a “traditionalist” or “progressive” – I’m coming to think we all like a new (fresh) take on verbiage. There is something about re-wording common phrases that intrigues.


Just this morning I told one of my sons: “I love you big”. I’m far from a grammar guru (you can probably tell from this blog) but “I love you big??


You know what struck my heart in this..? I knew that I could tell my son: “I love you a lot” – and that would have communicated (grammar and all) a message that was complete. But it wasn’t until I freshened what I normally tell him to “I love you big” that he smiled with a huge smile knowing full well what I meant and enjoying the freshness of the interaction and reminder. Ask God to freshen his love to you today. He will pull through – he love to reveal himself in new ways!


2 thoughts on “i love you Big.

  1. I love this, Jason! It’s interesting you posted this today. During my time with God tonight, I was struck by 1 John 3:1 – How great is the Fathers love for us that we should be called sons… – the English lit nerd in me was prompted to look up the Greek definition of Agape. I’ve done it many times before, but I saw something this time I’ve never seen before. Not only does it mean God loves us unconditionally, but also that He is interested in us – in our likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. that was a new way of hearing Him say He loves me.

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