You love better without a job description.


Job descriptions. Purposeful, useful and clarifying, maybe even freeing at times; But what about paralyzing or destructive?



We have “job descriptions”for every facet of our life, as a friend, spouse, volunteer, professional – and in all these areas of our daily lives we are to love, you know the verses… like “love the Lord your God with all your…” or “love is patient, love is kind….” the are a lot (of verses). .. I have been pondering recently the amount of time that is spent worrying about “job descriptions” what is expected of me, what things I need to do to help in particular setting or group.

I want to make the suggestion that our “job descriptions” not only clarify and give us direction, but they have the potential to provide excuses to NOT give our time and attention to others. Join with me and, lets live outside of your “job descriptions” for a day or so… pray for God to direct you in your comings and goings… see what happens.

2 thoughts on “You love better without a job description.

  1. I’ve not only seen this true in hindering us in loving others, but it’s also hindered me in past jobs. I was gifted and talented in a certain area outside my job description, and I was told I couldn’t do that. Didn’t make sense to me. Sometimes, they can be really restricting.

    Love the challenge!

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