new stuff!


Words cannot start to describe to how thrilled I am to start a few new projects this year. Some of the most exciting ones are with my wife! We sat down tonight in our living room and started to dialog through house projects, ministry projects, family goals for this new year. On a number of occasions I wanted to break out the white-board and create a sweet flow chart, then follow it up with an elaborate excel spreadsheet with full VBA script and modules …… but time didn’t allow, and she is in bed now.  So I’m left to write about it.

Here is what I’m excited for… She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I truly mean that. There is a line in a Small Town Poet’s song that I heard just tonight that says “these heels were made for bruising” (Gen 3:14) – her heels are made for bruising. And I believe that God is positioning her to do just that this year.  One of the ways is through the a blog! We are starting a new project called “in the mean time” (here is the link > LINK). It is a blog that will address and paint a very real picture of life and what we (and others who will be posting) are learning through the mountains and valleys of family life and the tension of looking at the “in the mean time”. When we miss the “in the mean time” we miss some of the most important lessons that God has for us.

This blog will remain and I will still posts on occasion. However, I would love it if you come follow our posts over here too :


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