watch your step


…distracted again – by the screen, by my thoughts, by comparison to others, by that REALLY great song on repeat, by my to do list, by all my new-year’s resolutions which I have now deferred to next year already, by trying to please my boss rather than my God, by working so hard I forget to work at not working…. oh! That text I forgot to reply to, I need to tweet that bible verse…… Oh – They’re having another baby *like*

If you have breath you get distracted.

Here is the question haunting me, in a healthy way: “What am I intentional about?” What I’m intentional about, soon reveals what I value. The TIME I spend doing, talking, thinking, or planning leaves me with fruit. Be intentional about things which are worth being intentional about. Make every effort to give your time purpose.

“Look carefully then how you walk (watch your step), not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time…”

Ephesians 5:15

What is something you could spend less time doing, and be more productive, aware, or present with your family?  (social media doesn’t count because we could all use less of it…)



2 thoughts on “watch your step

  1. I listened to a message this morning on my way to work on this very topic. I’m looking inward to figure out what I need to give up and what I need to be intentional about.

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