27₵ and Dad’s getting the rest…


The other day, I took one of my son’s to the Lego Isle – there was a Lego set that he really wanted, like… REALLY wanted. For the past 2 weeks he has been asking me how he could earn enough money to buy it. To say the very least – those same last couple weeks have been very emotional and trying. He has noticed this and has been very intentional in helping around the house where he could, even for his age… asking how he can help, setting the table, doing bed-time on his own…

I LOVE to buy things for my kids. Even if it is the $1.00 bin type of stuff…. to see their faces light up with excitement over a plastic dinosaur is just priceless.

I took him to the isle where the Lego set was, and stood in front of it, he immediately grabbed it and I smiled at him. He knew that I was buying it for him….. what I didn’t know is that he brought 27₵ of his money to put toward what ever reward I was going to get him. As we were checking out he hands the cashier his quarter and two pennies, and says “this is for this (pointing at his Lego set), and my dad’s getting the rest”.

So many lessons here for me.

I get to “Check Out” with Him who has RESOURCES.

I give what I have (which he provided)… and then he pays “gets” the rest….


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