the moment




There’s a point in everyone’s day. Maybe it’s the moment before your feet hit the floor. Maybe it’s the moment before you open the door to the office, to the shop, kitchen, child’s bedroom, the mailbox (bills)….. Maybe it’s the moment after someone flips you the bird in your car for no reason. Maybe it’s when you’re exhausted from hearing children screaming. Maybe it’s right after you smell that dirty diaper and you have two, three, four children all needing something different. Maybe it’s when you notice the homeless man – and you’re late for a meeting.

What ever the moment is… the grace of Jesus is enough. Our importance in the kingdom as worshipers offering their lives as living sacrifices comes in each of these moments. It’s not Sunday (only), it’s not the next prayer meeting (only), it’s not the next “New Song” (only)…. it’s taking a position of humility and giving the Fruit of the Spirit room and margin to manifest in your moment(s).  When you screw up and dismiss the cue from Holy Spirit, mis-speak and raise your voice in anger, threaten with “authority” too much, are heavy-handed … the grace of Jesus is enough, shake it off… position your words and heart and actions toward humility, and praise of Jesus  – it will go along way for the kingdom. Worship this way.



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