a bigger water source

My wife told me about a situation that played out in our backyard the other day with two of our boys.  We talked about many of the spiritual applications… and it was too funny, and too much of a reality for some of us, not to share.    So here goes:

The temperature in the midwest has been high these past few days… I imagine our water bill will be the same… our three boys love to play in the water especially when it is hot and so that is the setting. The hose going. The sprinkler running. Swim wear. Lots of laughing…. for the most-part.   My oldest had a water gun, but to give you a better idea… it was a water gun like this:

It is called a “max liquidator” – it’s a cheap toy at your local target / walmart. You simply suck up water then push the water out in a large stream. It soaks the target pretty well – it’s a ton of fun when you have 3 or 4 of them.

BUT here is when it gets humorous –  his younger brother had this for a weapon (the hose):

water hose


If you have siblings you know how much fun it is to antagonize them right? Well, imagine my oldest chasing his younger brother around the yard with his “max liquidator” while the younger brother runs away (crying / whining) while dragging the hose with him.

Seriously, son. Just turn around and let him have it. You have all the water you would ever need to drench him until he is supersaturated enough to float away.

You have a hose with an unlimited water source (Holy Spirit, The word of God, and the finished work of Jesus) at your finger tips. Stop running away from the enemy. Turn around and use the Word of God with authority. supersaturate that which is antagonizing you.


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